1. BS in Life Sciences, MS in Communication. Pursing a PhD in Life Science Communication. Roses are red and violets are blue, rose violets are purple.
  2. Good at computational analysis. As everyone else I use R and Python. I also use NetLogo for agent-based modeling analysis.
  3. Generally interested in misinformation/disinformation/conspiracies. Recently interested in scientists’ images delivered by government media, and fake medicine under the veil of patriotism.
  4. I’m competent in breaking the sterotypes of (1) Asian students are hardworking and (3) Asian students are good at math.
  5. I decided to leap into Communication Studies in my junior year, when I confronted Cui YongYuan, an anti-GMO opinion leader in China giving speeech at Fudan Journalism School in 2015. I realized the importance of “having a say” and wanted to be a KOL as well by digging into Communication academics. Six years have passed, and now I doubt that I can actually turn to KOL earlier if I shared porns/memes/kitties/other popular stuff and gradually introduce my personal thoughts.


  1. Same age with Lena “Tracer” Oxton. Next year will be the same as Bonnie MacFarlane.
  2. Heterosexual. But you can call me by any pronouns because I mess up “he/she” almost everytime when I speakout in English. And of course, epic boobs can turn straight girls into lesbians in 0.39 seconds, if you have seen that meme.
  3. Watched/listened more than 100 loops of My Own Swordsman (《武林外传》,a 80-episode Chinese sitcom)during quarantine.
  4. If I have not spent/wasted 1000+ hours playing Overwatch and 500+ hours playing Red Dead Redemption franchise since grad school, and instead put these time in studying and researching, I should now probably be admitted into American Philosophical Society.
  5. Planning a trip along the Mississipi River before I graduate.